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I enjoy working with people either as individuals, or in relationships, such as families and couples. I like to focus on men, kids and teens, for different reasons. Men are sometimes uncomfortable going to therapy and I try to do all I can from my own male perspective to make it a rewarding experience. As for kids and teens, we all know experiencing life at this turbulent time is difficult for all members of the family. Emotional resilience training, depression, divorce, trauma, school issues, legal problems, drugs, fighting, emotions, sexuality, inertia-being stuck, figuring out who you are and how to navigate life…these are just a few of the problems teens (and adults!) face. Helping you, your child or a teen resolve difficult issues can really make the difference in everyone's success and happiness. Over the years, I have found that people have different reasons for seeking my services. As you can imagine, working with a psychologist can cover many subjects and issues; so many, that I only use some as examples. Often, an individual person or couple will want to work on one specific thing, such as marital arguments, divorce or perhaps family or teen issues such as anger, family arguing, violence, “cutting” (skin) or problems in school. A word about trauma; Trauma can be many things and it can steal your happiness. Everything from a death or loss, or any of the problems discussed on this page can traumatize an individual. These are known as "big T" or "little t" traumas. That means that even a "minor" problem, such as feeling insecure about yourself can reverberate through how you view the world. This negative filter will shape your perceptions of happiness and confidence throughout your whole life. Imagine what a "bigger" event can do! EMDR is one of the approaches I use in dealing with this, but it may not be for all situations. In addition to helping process the experiences, I train my clients in emotional resilience so that when we are processing the experiences they are better able to manage the emotions that might come up. So why do we go to therapy? Sometimes, it will be an individual problem, such as depression or a feeling of general unhappiness in life. Maybe you’re making the same relationship mistakes over and over. Perhaps you find yourself feeling anxious or triggered. You might even call it being high strung or frequently wound up. Other times, there are more specific problems that bring us together, such as perpetrating sexual abuse or being abused, domestic violence, legal problems or proceedings as well as addictions of all kinds; drugs, alcohol, internet, sex or porn. These issues are not uncommon. Usually, people seek my services because they want to live a happier and more successful life, but most importantly, it’s as you define it. This can be accomplished in a number of settings including psychotherapy (individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, EMDR), emotional resilience training, forensic or psychological evaluation. Whatever format you choose, I’m your partner and your advocate. If you would like to reach me via fax, my number is 408 757 0848
Dr. Robert Land, Psy.D


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Men's Issues
  • PTSD


  • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
  • Family/Marital Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Psychological Testing and Evaluation
  • Trauma Focused


  • Prospective Client Phone Call - No Charge: $0
  • Professional-to-Professional Consultation : $0
  • Current Client Phone Call - No Charge: $0
  • Psychotherapy, 45 min: $320
  • Psychotherapy, 60 min: $480
  • Supervision/Consultation: $220
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